4 Bed, 4 Bath Villa For Sale in Villajoyosa-La Vila Joìosa, Costa Blanca, Spain SPF86/CB00248

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Resale €660,000 EUR - Villa
SPF86 / CB00248 Plot: 396 / Build: 2500 4 Bedrooms 4 Bathrooms
In a quiet area of Villajoyosa you find this villa with a huge living room, 4 bedrooms (3 en-suite bathrooms), beautiful mansion staircase and beautiful flat garden with large pool. Downstairs you will find a huge double lounge / dining room on of about 150 m2, a large kitchen, an entrance hall and a bedroom, which can also be used by elderly or infirm, also there at this lower level is a significant toilet / shower room with a washing machine. Upstairs you come to a spacious loft / landing, which multiple trim sets and a table tennis. This space is to change with little cost in two bedrooms. You will also find three spacious bedrooms here, each with their own en-suite bathroom. 2 bathrooms have a bath and the 3rd bathroom has a large shower with rain shower. Very sunny south facing, just outside of Villajoyosa, near Hacienda del Sol. The spacious garden of 1365 m2 is well maintained and includes palm trees and many species of plants and of course a large swimming pool. There is also a "wild" garden on a lower portion of approximately 1500 m2. The spacious conservatory is the secret of the house so you can enjoy warm in winter enjoy the view over the garden and pool. Furthermore, the house has a spacious parking area with double carport, so here at least five cars can park. Also available 2 storerooms (outside) Currently the house is rented for holidays, with a good yield. Hot water is supplied from a rooftop solar heating boiler. The house has a water depot for giving water to the plants in the garden. Recently renovated and painted, so for now no need major repairs.


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