4 Bed, 2 Bath Villa For Sale in Sax, Alicante, Spain SPF98/25211

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Resale €394,995 EUR - Villa
SPF98 / 25211 Plot: 28000 / Build: 265 4 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms
Villa sustainable, natural or ecological house, that is, a construction with bio criteria, where the use of unnatural materials is restricted, having room only in exceptional items (foundation where corrugated iron has been used). Traditional construction techniques such as load-bearing walls, vaults and domes have been chosen, opting for the use of natural materials such as mud, wood, plant fibers or stone. It has a southwest orientation to take advantage of the solar cycle and the views of the Sax Valley. The internal distribution of the house was made taking into account Feng-shui criteria and for the location on the plot a geopathological study was carried out to avoid placing the construction on geopathy lines (underground water lines, ground faults, etc.) .The house is divided into two large areas: one day and one rest. The activity area is dressed with artisanal mud: floor slabs and solid brick on its vaulted ceilings.The rest wing shows the floors in solid oak flooring of 18 mm and wooden ceilings with beams of laminated wood, except for the domes of two rooms, built with successive brick threads of handmade clay.The main entrance gives way to a large hall that offers beautiful views of the interior garden where a small fountain is projected. Thus, the sound of water, the aroma of aromatic plants or some flower and the view of the garden tell the senses that youThe location of this space was especially determined by the Feng-Shui study.Curved spaces under construction are pleasing to us since they are an analogy of Nature, which does not usually use straight lines in its creations. The curved lines of the ceilings, especially domes and domes, welcome and harmonize the energy of the houseIts walls are sized for optimum insulation against cold and heat, not in vain they measure 40-42 cm thick and have natural fibers with high insulation power. With large windows, Ollín enjoys sunlight and panoramic views from the interior of the house. These large windows are of the highest quality, made of laminated eucalyptus wood of controlled exploitation.Since the house is exposed on its four sides, the most expensive and highest quality items are insulation and windows. Floors, walls and ceilings are perfectly insulated. All the construction has been done with lime mortar and the presence of chemicals such as polyurethane and other plastics has been restricted as much as possible.Floor: 1.5 mm sheet of e.p.d.m, the thickest on the market, to prevent any moisture from penetrating the floor, and 3 cm natural cork plates as thermal insulation.Walls: Load walls composed of 24 cm thermo-clay, insulation chamber with natural textile fiber of high insulating coefficient of 4 cm thick, ceramic brick 9 cm thick, mortar lime mortar and monolayer for the outer face, and plaster projected for the inner faces.Walls with stone cloths: same as above plus 20 cm of stone.Roof with tile: insulation chambers with 8 cm natural fiber and breathable insulating sheet for water under tile.Ceiling Domes: solid clay brick thread, locked ceramic brick thread, 8 cm natural fiber for thermal insulation, 1.5 mm EPDM sheet, plus 2 layers of water-resistant mortar.WIt's totally energy self-sufficient. It has 8 solar panels of high performance and a wind turbine (performance of 3.5 kw / h) of the latest generation, self-regulating according to wind speed and magnetic braking inductor. The result is a silent production of clean energy, since the wind turbine blades are self-regulating to catch the lower breeze or continue producing when others must stop working due to the force of the wind.When there are several days without wind or sun, it has an electric generator of 11 kvas of power fully automated with the system, starting to work and stopping automatically.It has a sweet iron stove in the living room to enjoy the fire and central heating of natural gas by radiant walls with individual thermostat in each room. In this way the comfort of radiant heating is maximized but without water currents under the feet. The different roofs of the house collect the water and lead it to a cistern, from which it is subsequently extracted through an automated system for watering trees and plants.Windows: 4mm glass, safety sheet, 4mm glass, 1cm vacuum insulation chamber, 3 + 3mm glass. Construction material: laminated eucalyptus wood with an approximate density of 800 kg / m3.Don't hesitate, and check your style, location and presence.We specialize in Costa Blanca and Costa Calida, specializing in the regions of the interior of Alicante and Murcia, with a particular emphasis on populations such as Elda, Pinoso, Aspe, Elche, and surrounding areas.We are a well-established company, well known, and of great confidence that has built a solid reputation between buyers and sellers since we started marketing in 2004.We offer a complete service with no hidden charges, no surprises, starting with the purchase of the property, until the end, and An unparalleled after-sales service, including property management, construction and help services, and general advice to make your new home a home.With a portfolio of more than 1400 properties, we fully trust thatt we can help you. Let us get your property, budget and location Ideal, and we'll do the rest.
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